A social idiot who does stupid things because they're a retard.
Daniel was being a total dingbat the other day when he kept reusing old "your mom!" jokes.
by Jesssssssss Rachel June 12, 2008
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A person who is acting in a very dingbat-ish manner. Someone who is not 'with it today'. Someone who should be taught a thing or two about how to act around people.
*Someone walks into a lampost*, "Oh you dingbat!"

She says, "Hahaha, look, isn't an email like...writing a letter to your future self?"
They say, "You know what? You're a dingbat!"

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A person who has both the desire and opportunity to fuck, but fritters it away with inane worries of love.
by Sunim Etamtalf September 04, 2011
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The act of one person excessively sending multiple text messages to another, all saying the exact same thing (mostly 'dingbat', or variations such as 'dingb't' or 'you got dingbatted')
Presumably only utilized by people on unlimited text contracts, and sent to those without such means to respond, therefore humiliating the recipient. The fun in greatly increased when the target is in class or if the text message reads something offensive or embarassing.
OH NO, Ivo just DINGBATTED me! I've got a hundred texts and they all say "DINGBAT
by bushboibeats October 14, 2010
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a person from Eastern TN who embodies GRITS (girls raised in the south).
I saw a dingbat this morning at Wal-Mart.
by Man on a Wire August 03, 2009
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North American (United States) "Dingbat" is what you can call someone when they do (harmless) space, careless, airheaded/silly things. It is not necessarily an insult, my mother would say "ya dingbat!" when I was spaceyy and tripped up with some task that was simple and easy and most likely routine. She used this word instead of instead of "you're silly" or instead of "you airhead!" It could be used as an insult I guess, but I've only used it in a "dark" manner when seriously discussing a person's actions and personality, when they have been implicated in something that did end up being a seriouse problem and/or mistake. In such a case, I would be using it to give context to their personality and actions. Up to the point of causing a danger or serious mistake, "dingbat" alone can be used to describe the person. If they did/do directly cause a harm, then that goes past being a dingbat. If they indirectly cause harm then they may or may not be within the dingbat range. If they tend to gossip or overall or share too much information and are not malicious, then dingbat can be an appropriate word. Whether or not the speaker is mildly to seriously annoyed with the person in question, dingbat is and is not the word to use. It really does vary but in most cases I havlve witnessed/been a part of, it is used to describe a dumb/spacey/careless person in situ. Or in general.
Huh...so I accidentally pressed the wrong button... (Person 2:) you dingbat!
by Rvnclwnoitall October 14, 2017
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