A confident girl with sexy hair . Loves to dance and play around . Knows how to cheer people up . Macey keeps all her friends close and works hard to keep them happy . A very protective girl who will stick up for anyone . If you have a macey keep her because you won't regret keeping this intelligent hilarious pretty beautiful stunning sporty fit buff girl
Keep macey in your life she will never let you down
by Maceyxoxo April 19, 2015
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If you know a Macey then make sure you never lose her. A Macey is a sweet, loving, caring, and intelligent human and an overall angle. Macey is a beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is overall a sexy person and will almost have boys all over her or have a boyfriend. Macey is a friendly person that you’ll never see not laughing. Macey is a queen or a general leader, make sure she’s happy because if not she’ll be hard to get back into her normal spunky mood.
Me and Macey are friends
by izzymilled June 17, 2019
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A very smart girl who knows it, but denies it when someone notices. She is funny and sarcastic. She usually has brown hair and blue eyes. Though she is beautiful, she doesn't notice and is insecure. She has a great social life and has many friends, but there is only a few people who make her geniually happy. One is her boyfriend. He loves her even though she has curves, even though she has insucurties, even though she isn't always in a good mood. Lastly, she is adventurous. She is always looking for new things to try and places to go.
Macey is so pretty, but she doesn't know that.
Macey's boyfriend is so understanding.
Macey is my friend!!!
by TakenByTheHottestGuy❤❤❤ November 8, 2017
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A all around beautiful human-being with so many cute quirks or sweet things to say u instantly fall in love with her. Wether she’s in a relationship or not you can’t hide your feelings form her and have to let it all out. She’s always so supportive to you and everyone else and will defend your honor no matter what. Although she many be a bit quiet sometimes she always shows her true gorgeous colors to here close friends and family. Over all Macey is a beautiful person and if you ever meet one hold on to her tightly and never let her go
Macey eyes r deeper then a black hole and easier to get lost in than then amazon
by Radicalminexrafter July 12, 2019
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A person who is many things, yet most of all, she is steadfast and wonderful! She may be quirky, whimsical, fun, hilarious, lucky, silly, driven, ambitious, intense, thoughtful, sister, daughter, friend, cousin, aunt, reality tv watcher, bicycle rider, reader, insecure, confident, traveler, educated, adventurous, daring, cautious, kind, hopeful, introverted, outgoing, wishful, hopeful, passionate, consistent, content, restless, sharing, selfish, crazy, cool, lovely, bad dancer, shower singer, excitable, smart, talented, stubborn... photographer and marathon trainee!

She is any and all of these things, one at a time or all at once.. these attributes are possessed by one so fabulous to be called... Macey.
I was feeling confused about my life, but then I had a Macey moment.
by kindredspirited February 3, 2010
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Macey is the best looking girl in the world. Ugh don’t get me started she is sooooo beautiful. Her eyes are like the stars and plus she has the best hair in the universe. She is so good at sports like softball and basketball. Omg she is soo smart. Over all the best girl in the universe.
Omg there’s Macey
by Ollie-ver May 1, 2019
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