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A word used to describe someone with indistinguishable or plain features, an unrecognisable person, usually among many other people in a group. Typically this word would be used when describing each individual in a group would be impractical, for whatever reason, be it that they are too 'plain' to describe, if their identity is wanted to be kept hidden, or if their names are simply unknown. It would be common that these 'zuds' would be accompanied by someone who the beholder does know, e.g 'Ivo and his Zuds'.
More modern usage can refer to simply a collective of people, usually referred to in the third person.
Due to the connotations of large groups of young people, the word is typically associated with sinister activities.
You zuds are messing with me man
by bushboibeats January 20, 2011

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By the way, for your information... the combination of these two internet abbreviations, normally used to change the subject but also to address the reader directly
Btwfyi guys, i just beat jay at fifa, hes so terrible
by bushboibeats October 18, 2010

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Another way of saying "whitey" in other words, when someone under the influence of marijuana goes pale faced and even throws up.
Plural is 'yubzed"
(Jethro throws up)
"ahh man, I can't believe you yubzed"
"i wont smoke again in case i yubz"
by bushboibeats October 14, 2010

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The act of one person excessively sending multiple text messages to another, all saying the exact same thing (mostly 'dingbat', or variations such as 'dingb't' or 'you got dingbatted')
Presumably only utilized by people on unlimited text contracts, and sent to those without such means to respond, therefore humiliating the recipient. The fun in greatly increased when the target is in class or if the text message reads something offensive or embarassing.
OH NO, Ivo just DINGBATTED me! I've got a hundred texts and they all say "DINGBAT
by bushboibeats October 14, 2010

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To split the cost, value or amount of a certain resource e.g a bag of sweets, the cost of weed etc
Can be referred to as 'going jubs' or 'jubsing it' or even 'jubsing in'
now that you two are jubsing it, lemme jubs in on it
by bushboibeats October 14, 2010

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