No I didn't dingbat listen! I said Brooke is your mother speaking-
Get your finger out of my face!
by burnedgrucci August 24, 2020
A ridiculous, silly or stupid person.

The word 'dingbat' originally refers to to a character or symbol used in typesetting which gives an instruction to the printer. These should be removed before the text is published, but were occasionally left in by mistake. The character made no sense to non-typesetters and the association of "dingbat" with "nonsense" and "forgetfulness" carried over to describe people.
Julia's such a dingbat, I asked her to buy me yogurt and she got me cream.

This end of year report is riddled with inaccuracies. Looks like we've got a dingbat in the mix.

(sarchastic) Nice one Paul, a spectacular display of ding-battery.
by StaticRabbit January 15, 2010
A term used to describe a very stupid or unintelligent action or person. Has nothing to do with bats or ding.

Synonyms are: dumb, stupid, brainless etc.
Hope asked Emily what a dingbat was since Emily calls her a dingbat very often. Emily then reposponded by calling Hope a dingbat.
by E.W! October 16, 2015
A person who has no understanding of anything in the real world and is so clueless. Gets confused very easily but is very book smart. Is usually a person who likes to have fun and party only when in a good mood.
Dan: omg caroline is such a dingbat

Lucifer: I know it’s insane how she is so book smart but In real life she is crazy
by Sassysquid125 December 14, 2019
Originated from dingo and bat merged together

Used to describe:

A stupid person

Or Tony and Joseph
by Drunkonsteppingstones69 April 21, 2019
n. - One who appears foolish, helpless, or ignorant. Possibly derived from the typographical "dingbat", refering to tendency of one described as a dingbat to put hearts, smilies, and other superfluous cute symbols on written correspondence.
That girl acts helpless and stupid like a dingbat, but underneath it all, she might be more intelligent than she gives herself credit for.
by Edge of Blade September 24, 2008