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Dianns are beautiful, out going, funny, & always have rockin' bods. If you know a Diann, you should probably cherish them, & listen to their every command, because being a Diann, is only one step down from being some kind of god. Dianns are good listeners, good friends, & are good in bed. But good luck hooking up with a Diann, they're hard to get! ;)
I wish they sold a Diann at Wal-Mart!
by notdiannwise April 26, 2012
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Diann, Deanne, Dyanne, Dianna,Diane, Danne and Dianne

Diane is a French version of the old Latin name Diana. This name is of uncertain origin, though its roots are very old and may come from the same origin as the name Jupiter, king of the gods. In roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon. She was also the goddess of hunting (like the ancient Greek goddess Artemis.) Diana lived in the forest with her maidens; she was pictured as a beautiful virgin, and men who tried to approach her or harm her favourite animals were punished.
Diann, goddess, huntress, sexy, beautiful, passionate lover, faithful
by whatsit2u February 02, 2010
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