Dianns are beautiful, out going, funny, & always have rockin' bods. If you know a Diann, you should probably cherish them, & listen to their every command, because being a Diann, is only one step down from being some kind of god. Dianns are good listeners, good friends, & are good in bed. But good luck hooking up with a Diann, they're hard to get! ;)
I wish they sold a Diann at Wal-Mart!
by notdiannwise April 27, 2012
Diann, Deanne, Dyanne, Dianna,Diane, Danne and Dianne

Diane is a French version of the old Latin name Diana. This name is of uncertain origin, though its roots are very old and may come from the same origin as the name Jupiter, king of the gods. In roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon. She was also the goddess of hunting (like the ancient Greek goddess Artemis.) Diana lived in the forest with her maidens; she was pictured as a beautiful virgin, and men who tried to approach her or harm her favourite animals were punished.
Diann, goddess, huntress, sexy, beautiful, passionate lover, faithful
by whatsit2u February 3, 2010
A woman that loves hard and hates harder. The most loving women in the world's names are Dianne or Diane. They are very loyal to all, especially the ones they love. They are amazingly beautiful, smart, funny, great to be around, and just overall perfect. They tend to be extremely pretty, irresistable, and easy to fall in love with. They may be shy at times, but they get over their shyness.
Once Max started talking to Dianne, he fell in love with her
by princesssdiannee March 14, 2015
A cheap but effective drink that will get you royally blitzed off your rocker. The traditional form usually consists of 3/4 Coconut Parrot Bay and 1/4 lemonade. Another popular form is morning tea mixed with your go to cheap shitty vodka preferably Caldwells. Results may vary from blacking out and doing stupid shit to sleeping with people who are 3x older than you or half your age. Appropriately named after a hardass who knows how to booze.
Johnny housed The Dianne in an hour and needless to say woke up naked in the park with multiple cougar numbers in his phone.

Ted got lit off of a Dianne and proceeded to shit off a balcony railing.
by patpoppa369 April 12, 2011
Perfection. A woman that loves hard and hates harder. The most loving women in the world's names are Dianne or Diane.
I met a wonderful woman last night. She was a good listener and had beautiful soul catching eyes. Her name was Dianne.
by macrolenz July 19, 2011
An amazing, beautiful girl who has beautiful dark brown hair with brown, gazing eyes. She cares for the ones she loves most and if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself a Dianne, keep her for as long as you can. She is also know to be quite shy until you get to know her, and when you do, she'll always talk to you!
Person 1- Hey Dianne!
Dianne - Hey (she said with a slight frown)
Person 1 - Wanna get lunch together?
Dianne - (her mood shifts slightly) Sure!
by SniperKitty200 April 24, 2019
A Dianne is a fun, loving, caring, flirtatious, gorgeous and sexy lady who never makes a moment dull! Her humor and cute voice keeps you smiling from ear to ear. Her hair is a beautifully rich and dark and her blue eyes are sure to strike you on the spot! Date this lady often, and don't ever let her go for anyone else, you will regret it!
Dating Dianne again tonight. Best decision I've ever made!
by b&m1788 May 2, 2013