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The pretty tomboy every guy falls for. Is short and has brown hair and eyes. A lyndsey is sure to be the center of attention. Can be a rude bitch and steal your guy's attention, drawing them in with her sap story of her otherwise okay life. Crazy, loud, pouty, snotty, sarcastic, and a whiney drama queen, it takes patience to deal with a Lyndsey.
Did you hear the latest news about lyndsey? She's such an insatiable bitch
by b&m1788 April 28, 2013

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A Dianne is a fun, loving, caring, flirtatious, gorgeous and sexy lady who never makes a moment dull! Her humor and cute voice keeps you smiling from ear to ear. Her hair is a beautifully rich and dark and her blue eyes are sure to strike you on the spot! Date this lady often, and don't ever let her go for anyone else, you will regret it!
Dating Dianne again tonight. Best decision I've ever made!
by b&m1788 May 01, 2013

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Becky is a short, sweet girl who is very cute, loving, caring and is great with people and animals. She may be short in stature, but do not underestimate her! Bubbly, smart, amazing, talented, she is exactly what every guy hopes to ever have in their lives. Her big eyes and friendly voice is sure to brighten anyone's day!
friend: you are all smiles today

friend 2: that's because I saw Becky!
by b&m1788 April 27, 2013

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PMS in the textbook is premenstral. PMS can also stand for Pretty Mean Sister or Pissy, Moody and Snappy.
Hey man, can I crash at your place for a couple of days? Yeah, she's having that special time.....

Guy 1: Man she is pms

Guy 2: premenstral?
Guy 1: no she's pissy, moody and snappy

Guy 2: ohhh snap
by b&m1788 May 18, 2015

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