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Shit. Originated from it sounding like "dropping a deuce" but instead you drop a deuter. It is the brand of a backpack.
Sam: I really have to drop a deuter

John: I have a chest

Sam: What?

John: heard of a cleveland steamer?

Sam: No

John: *explains what a cleveland steamer is*

Sam: Fuck!! you don't think i would do that, do you?
by th3 one which defines deuter November 06, 2010
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Adj. N. PN. Adv. V. A type of person that is generally associated with mental retardation or idiocy. Very simple minded, and has a difficult time processing basic information. Easily identified by their trademark backpack; marked "Deuter". Overly aggressive when its food source is threatened, can easily lead to becoming the "tray-bitch" if overreaction hits a certain point. Startling attraction to Macaroni and Cheese.
Person 1- "Hey man whats that on your back?"

Person 2- "My new bag, why?"

Person 1- "What brand is it?"

Person 2- "I believe its called Deuter."

Person 1- "Wow, what a Deuter you faggot!"

Everyone- *Proceeds to harass the Deuter.
by RedxRevolution December 06, 2013
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