1) the act of crossing the basketball from one hand to other while dribbling. a technique designed to confuse one's opponent
2) to outwit someone through skills
1) The player crossed up his opponent and then used his body as a ladder to dunk the ball in the basket.
2) she was an inferior trader but through her tenacity Susan was able to cross-up the competition and get the trade done
by livefromNY January 13, 2009
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When a girl has you thinking about her so that you cant concentrate on anything else. Also, when you're undecided about what to do with a girl that you kinda like, but is not sure if she is into you or not.
"Look at J.D., he's so crossed up he doesn't know what to do."
by tim349 November 06, 2006
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(1)To be crossed up is to be falling for a member of the opposite sex without being able to stop it. Compare to being "twisted up in the game," and whipped. You are crossed up if you keep thinkin about that special someone and you can't get them out of your head.

(2) To get juked in basketball, or consummately wrongfooted so that you look stupid.
(1) "dude I've been hangin out with Lindsay so much recently. I'm fairly crossed up..."

"You cant get crossed up too easily man, these girls will play you without thinkin twice.

(2) "Get crossed up, stay crossed up fool"

"Iverson just crossed that guy up like nobody's business"
by hollaataplayawhenyoureadytogo November 05, 2006
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To be high (weed) and have a buzz at the same time.
We went to the Yelawolf concert and got all crossed up!

Did you see Jimmy at the party last night? He was all crossed up!

Just got some of lucifers lettuce. Who wants to get crossed up?
by Big_Allison November 17, 2012
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you like a person-it could be a crush, or it could be just a fling, and you dont know if its mutual. its like getting juked in b-ball except you feel like your getting juked by someone you like.

if you arent sure what to do with the situation- you should let the person know and see what happens. that way you cant say you neva tried.
"she's got me crossed up. i gotta do something about it b/c i cant live like this yo"
by stephen1189 February 07, 2007
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A handshake in the motion of the Catholic cross. It starts out as a normal handshake, then the hand position is changed so just the fingers are connected. From that point, the movement is up, down, then left to right and vice versa. The left to right movements should be done to the direction of the coolest person taking part in the shake. After the shake is done, it is optional for one to say "Cross it up," and the other to finish it by adding on "Catholic Style"
Person one: Oh look, Johnny and Tony are crossing it up, catholic style!
Person two: Yeah, they really must love Catholicism!!
Person three: STFU you idiots, catholics suck
by J. C. Sampson November 03, 2005
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Some one who kisses one person's ass inparticular so much that they just have to have a nickname implying so. A severe jeffer or kiss up.
Darion is such a god damn Criss Cross Kiss Up!!!
by FacePalmLove June 12, 2010
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