Used to describe someone who flamboyantly tries to be overbearing, manly, violent, or confrontational. Constantly trying to prove himself by fighting, drinking, or any number of physical activities (push-ups/bench press). A representation of a person similar to those in the animal kingdom that bloat thier chest to attract a female.
That guy is always trying to fight when he's drunk. What a chest.

I can't believe he wore a wifebeater to a wedding reception, he's such a chest.
by ihatechests May 10, 2009
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*The top-half of the human body which contains the heart and lungs, also reinforced by the ribcage.

*What women call their breasts in fear of embarassment.
"Which part of the chest for cryin' outloud!? The sternum? The breasts? Be specific!!"
by Dave April 1, 2004
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Chest is used to tell someone to say something louder or more confidently
“can I sit there?”-Sam

Say it with chest”-Becky
by Aboniki April 4, 2020
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Where Thor did hit on the walking prune (Thanos) instead of his head
Things would have been so much different if Thor had hit his head not his chest
by musicreader March 19, 2019
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When a man/woman Cums on your chest. You've been chested on.
"girl i can't believe he chested on you
by @1964x Instagram August 28, 2013
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When one guy seemingly at random punches another guy in the chest, knocking the air out of him. This is done back and forth between the two males as a game. Each incident is increasingly surprising for the victim.
Guy 1: -sitting on the couch, watching T.V.-
Guy 2: -creeps up behind couch, with stealth-
Guy 1: -goes to change the channel...-
Guy 2: -attacks- "CHEST!"
Guy 1: -falls over, without air-

This is chesting.
by anonymous576 January 28, 2006
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