A person who is in love with corvettes so much he has sex with them in the exhaust pipe. Also despises Hondas of any kind.
"My new math teacher is such a deter"
by ab1gblu3h1ppo January 27, 2015
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When your spelling is SO bad even spell check can't help your stupid ass spell detioriated.
My ex husband claimed I was responsible for how badly our relationship had 'deterated'
by Rainbow00Brite October 1, 2018
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While having sex with a female doggy style, you braid her hair and use them as reigns until you rip them out and use the hair as whips
"Two bald spots replaced your mom's hair thanks to the Dirty Deter."
by John Dete February 23, 2005
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The most famous WMF tag-team wrestlers out there, formerly of 1/2 of the team Medium Rare with the stage name Deter Brock; he is currently hiding from his fame as a middle school gym coach.
That boy Coach Deters look like Mr. Clean
by DanielJeans March 30, 2018
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A french famous twitter user known for his baldness. A criticized meme about him consists in naming him with synonyms of his @ ( determined arab ).
Twittos 1 : I've seen rebeu deter at the Subway
Twittos 2 : Sarazin compulsif lol
by Carnagix October 29, 2019
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Name used to describe anyone who’s a Chad, yet around 4’9” and near bald.
Get out of my way, nigger.”

Hell no, I’m not moving for a Deter Puka.”
by Professor Kukui June 10, 2020
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while fucking you rip the braids out of the bitch's scalp
"Is she goiing bald?'
"No, John pulled a dirty deter on her last night"
by Larry Juicepop February 26, 2005
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