The only entity alive to make cleaning look sexy
Mr. clean is Mr. leeeen
by new guy 101 April 20, 2020
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Mr. Clean: A sexy bald man that i’d love to smell, with that shiny bald head he can attract everyone and everything in a 200 mile radius, not only that but Mr. Clean will make your house shine almost as much as his sexy bald head.
I would spend millions just to sniff him and you would too, he also makes great cleaning products.
My Friend: “Man, my house is so dirty.”
Me: “You should get some Mr. Clean (sexiest man ever) products, they help so much!”
by SussySexyMan June 30, 2021
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A sex move where the man rubs peroxide instead of lube on the condom and penetrates his partner's anal in attempt to clean and purify the impurities of the anal.
Kyle cleaned his girl's ass by performing the Mr. Clean on her.
by SnakeBiter October 5, 2009
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A sexual maneuver in which the person administering oral fills his/her mouth full of toothpaste beforehand. This leaves the dick in a minty fresh state.
Man 1: Dude, did your girlfriend give you a Mr. Clean last night?

Man 2: Hells yeah, you know she did!
by Ratchard October 23, 2008
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When a girl performs oral sex and leaves your penis polished to perfection. A Wet Shinny Dick.
Suck my dick bitch, Mr. Clean, Whoop! -Lil' B the BasedGod
by usc_boy89 July 27, 2013
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Term for men who shaved their heads too shiny, that light reflects on them.
Named after a brand of detergent and cleaners with a bald man as the mascot.
Dan: Look at Jerome's new haircut.
Francis: Oh, he looks like Mr. Clean.
by Kay Tutan Tayo December 12, 2018
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To squirt one half bottle of dawn dish soap into your ass and fart it out all over your lover.
by T-rav93 August 17, 2014
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