Something that most people on this site don't know even exists.
Wat is this spel chek? I no of no spel chek.
by TheBurninator December 18, 2003
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A system that makes sure what you are spelling is actually a word. The downside to this system is it doesn't think my last name is a word, and rudely draws a line below it, asking me to change it.
Dude #1: Hey, Dude #2, I was word processing a document about the presidency of Barrack Obama, and I had a problem!

Dude #2: Yeah, what is it this time?

Dude #1: I was doing fine with most of the paper, but each time I spelled Barrack Obama's name, spell check kept telling me I was spelling his last name wrong. Is his last name really "Obama"?

Dude #2: *sighs* Yes, I am positive. Shall I spell check you name, MORON?
by Dudewatts March 24, 2010
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1.Something that no one on this site has even thought about finding out if it exits.
2.A tool that is used to help a person's writing sound intelegent, by preventing grammar and spelling errors
3.See Strong Bad
Speal Cheek?? Whiet $%^& $@$% $#%# (%@* id thet? Wee donut kneed speal cheek. Eye speal prefect!
by J. McC. September 22, 2003
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what people who post to this site seriously need to use before they shoot off about their topic.
"omg liek alein" is a sentence whose writer desperately needed to use Spell Check.
by Carat November 06, 2006
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When spell check changes your word to the wrong word, but the wrong word is actually more appropriate.
I meant to text my friend that she should go to the U2 concert with me because it would be a "great" time. Spell check changed it to "grey" time. That Freudian Spell Check is pretty smart.
by The Original Tankboy August 01, 2017
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When spell check underlines your name or another word that is correct
by saskenarutosakuraLOVE October 23, 2019
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