Stephan usually has dark hair, mainly brown or black hair. Stephans also have dark eye colors which are mesmerizing to look into. They are very athletic and love being free. Stephans are also very nice and have a great sense of humor. They will be a great and trustworthy friend to stick with you through tough times. They make the funniest jokes and will save you from getting into trouble at times. They are also very smart and get good grades, so make sure to ask Stephan if you could study with them! As they are very athletic, they pick up any sport quickly and enjoy it. Stephans are handsome and most of the time, they're a person girls want to be with and even someone who makes the guys wonder if they want to be him or be with him (lol)
Stephan will be a great friend, trust me.
They are very supportive and open-minded, and mutually want a friend too.

They are usually an extrovert or an ambivert and enjoy having fun often. They're friends with everyone they meet and smile with confidence. But although they seem as if "life's a blast" for them, deep inside, they also have their worries and fears they want to rant about someday. Stephans cherish their friends and will save you/their friends from any trouble if there's a need as they really are the real definition of "true friendship."

Stephans are someone who you can

trust and have some fun

in your life with.
"Wow, who's that?" Someone questions as Stephan walks by and smiles at you.
"An angel..." You say. "A Stephan."
by Sydney Novak January 29, 2022
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A man you cannot live without, he will be your best friend and your best partner, he will never leave you unless you ask for it, he is loving, caring, and a friend you can trust !
I lend Stephan $500 last month and he gave it back to me so fast, he is such a friend !!!
by itisthetruth August 14, 2009
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A pretty funny guy that always loves to game everyday
Jack: U wanna add me bro

Stephan: sure i always love to use my stephan abilities to add you

by Supergirl420 April 12, 2021
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Stephan is a kind-hearted, smart, introverted, wholesome and VERY patient guy. He loves nature, video games and devouring cookies. He'll melt your heart just by smiling and you'll find yourself thinking about him from the second you meet him. He hates getting up early and will complain about it every chance he gets but it's entertaining to listen to for some reason. He's protective and very loving and kind, he'll speak with brutal honesty but never hurt your feelings. Once you find him you'll never want to lose him.
Girl 1: "where are all the cookies?"
Girl 2: "Stephan must've been here"
by FragileHighlander October 18, 2022
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Stephan is a very famous guy from Gleisdorf and Stephan is the most wonderful name in the entire universe.
by wonderfulguti January 7, 2019
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A guy who loves to get drunk and chase tail. Usually smart. Very lazy. Will likely be left forever alone.
Yo Stephan how many drinks have you had?!

30 shots! Omg! My song is on!
by Cramming June 19, 2017
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