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Someone who works at a desk of any sort. The more informative the desk, the more likely the person is a deskie. Deskies are known to be able to endure long periods of time doing nothing, and to know where Pizza to Go is located.
I can't talk to her, she's too cool. She's a deskie.
by twbtg2 March 03, 2008
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A "deskie" is a healthy and totally normal social behavior in which a person covertly crawls under a friend's desk, waits around for a few moments pretending that they're in a tiny secret fort, and then does something to alert said friend to the fact that there is someone hiding there under the desk, thereby startling said friend.
My friend Jordan seemed stressed out and depressed today, so I gave him a deskie.
by ubergeist September 09, 2016
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a photograph of your desk and all of it's paraphernalia, which shows parts of your personality, usually shared on social media using the hashtag "#Deskie".
I loved your deskie on Instagram yesterday, that pink fluffy pen totally fit your personality.
by Liz Drakon May 20, 2016
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