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Also known as deaned
In halo 3 doing anything necessary to steal or get cheap kills. This may include;

1. Stealing a kill often in a over the top yet sneaky manner,
such as sniping a weak enemy while a closer team mate was fighting them

2.Picking up two power weapons so no one else can get them, and then running into
the enemy base and dying, giving the enemy two perfectly full weapons.

3A.Letting a team mate die or even assisting the enemy to get the sniper rifle

3B.Shooting your team mates in the back during a fight, so that the opponent
kills your team mate and you receive an easy kill and your team mates power weapon.

4. Hearing the voice of a girl in the game, and then because she was
nice you assume she wants to go out with you. Also because she has a cool gamer pic you assume she's hot.

5. Picking up a battle rifle just because everyone else does, but never using it.

6. Carrying weapons with no ammo.

7.Two opposite types of camping;

* camping irritably close to someone to dean (steal see 1.) kills
* camping in out-of-the-way places to sniper and dean kills.

8. Assuming that because three people dropped out on the other team, you can easily get a perfect game.

9. During social slayer in the pregame lobby, you discuss team strategies only to realize that your not on team speak.

10. Whoring power weapons, dispute the illogical combination such as rocket launcher and sniper riffle. (Often causing No. 2 to occur.)
possible combinations include:
sniper/rocket launcher or sniper/laser or rocket launcher/laser
sword/shotgun or sword/hammer or shotgun/hammer
Example 1. "Dammit! you totally deaned that from me then!"

Example 2. "Now they got rocket launcher and shotgun, you fucken deaned it dipshit"

Example 3A. "i saw my team mate had the sniper rifle, so i deaned him in the back
while he was under fire and took it once it was over"

Example 3B. "I just got deaned, this guy could have turned around and helped me, but he just shot in a another direction and lets me die"

Example 4. "This guy got totally deaned last night, he got paired up with her five times and because she has a cool gamer pic he assumes she wants him"

Example 5A. "My battle rifle just got deaned, the guy isn't even using it."

Example 5B."I was deaned out of a battle rifle at the start of the match by this fucker who's not even using it."

Example 6. After team mate 1 is killed by an enemy player:
Team mate one: You could of saved me then, why were you using the shot gun against him from 6 metres away? Why didn't u use the battle rifle on your back?
Team mate two: It was empty.
Team mate one: You deaned up bad then.

Example 7. "Fuck before this guy deaned me non stop in my personal space and now I'm getting deaned by him from up in some tree."

Example 8. "YESSS, there is only one guy on the other team, I'm so getting a perfect game"

Example 9. After player tells an elaborate plan to go with the gametype to his team mates in the pregame lobby:
Player 1: "Ok, but are you deaning?"
Player 2: "hmm?"
Player 1: "Are you on 'team and party'?"
Player 2: "no?"
Player 1 *rolls eyes*

Example 10. "Guys, shouldn't the sniper and laser be back yet? oh wait that guy has just deaned us."
by Username123 September 26, 2008
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When one creates a ridiculous story to cover up for stealing your stuff and/or jacking your belongings.
Almost always followed by a subject change.
dude i know you stole my bike dont be deaning me!!!
by Vincent pappalardo December 06, 2010
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The act of tucking the testicles into the vagina during coitus. In heterosexual intercourse when the male can somehow insert his balls into the vagina, even if breifly. Advance notice is usually required as this is a pretty difficult move to pull off.
"I was up all night having sex last night, she was such a slut, even did a bit of deaning!"
by "The Captain" August 05, 2012
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When someone is acting like a mean douche and is messing with you
"Stop Deaning around!"
"Typical Deaning behavior."
by tdswaggyboy January 21, 2019
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When someone acts like a total dumbass and decides to mess with people
"Stop being such a douche Dean. This is typical Deaning."
"Deaning like usual, eh Dean?
by tdswaggyboy January 21, 2019
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