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The most amazing cutest sexiest gal you'll ever see. She lights up the dark room with her bright personality and has lips of an angel. Helpful loving and caring and will always be there to fight the ones she loves battles. Nobody can help but love her and wish to be with her and she can turn on any girl or guy with that small smirk that drives me crazy. The bestest of friends and will never let you down but always amazes you
by Weaponlover December 13, 2016
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the most awesome mind blowing stunning woman you will ever meet....a brunette with green eyes who can make a puppy dog vicious.....amazingly caring and kind, an excellent mother and companion who will go to great lengths to satisfy the needs and wants of those around her....
me: i met this chick....she is bomb!!!!
you: what is her name?
me: desarae...
you: oh yeah i heard of her
, that's awesome
by sdjkiuhnikjhfndklsalhgfuire August 24, 2010
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A slutty whore who obviously can't seem to keep her hands off of other people's men and is bound to get her ass beat sooner or later!!!!
Emma is throwing herself at your man......
I know she's being such a Desarae.... Let's kick her ass
by $$BiTcH$$ February 13, 2012
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Desa'Rae is a girl with stanky breath. She wears glasses and she dyes her hair nearly every week even though she says she waits 6 months to dye it. She has a lot of friends who secretly dislike her because she always talks shit behind their back. If you're her friend, she will drop you for another friend without a second thought. She lies all the time and pretends she never lied right after. Never trust a Desa'Rae, she could stab you in the back, even if you have known her for a long time. Do. Not. Trust. Her.
Person 1: Who's that girl you were arguing with?

Person 2: Oh, that girl? That's Desa'Rae.

Person 1: What did she do?

Person 2: She accused me of controlling her so that she had something to post to Facebook about.

Person 1: Damn, she must really want attention.

Person 2: Tell me about it.
by IAmBored95 June 06, 2018
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