The correct response to give when someone online asks for your age, sex, and location. Spamming is encouraged.
"Hello there."

Your conversational partner has disconnected
by eccentroBiologist October 16, 2011
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The BEST username for any of your games, it will instantly make you a GOD. I can assure you it will NOT be taken as it is an extremely rare username and NO Hacker will guess it. Also, it's an astonishing, superb, pleasant, admirable name for all children!
Scenario 1:
Guy 1: This guy just aced his test! He is so smart!
Guy 2: I know he is such a Johhny
Scenario 2:
Guy 1: What username should I pick for my League Of Legends name?
Guy 2: Johhny is by FAR the best username. If you use that username it will instantly make you COOLER!
by Johhny23 October 12, 2018
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Johhny's hot dogs is only the best hot dog joint in the world. Located on Highway 31 in Buttzville NJ, it is a one of a kind. They serve hot dogs with either ketchup or mustard and a pickel, french fries, birch beer and buttermilk(don't try it). That's it. Simplicity is the best part, but if your allergic to peanuts. UR Beat!
Yo im starving can we stop at Johhny's Hot Dogs on the way home.
by hopeful buttzville resident December 24, 2010
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A cold and clammy leathery flap of skin that is owned by the very cool man Johnny Depp.

Slang: A general show of gratitude or appreciation but could be used as a wild card an any situation.
Sir Johhny your fish tits are looking phenomenal. Very healthy. Yes.

Dude that's so Johhny Depp Fish Tiddies of you.
by Chicken wing (: November 3, 2021
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A extrmely dope kid that do the best ever fortnite emote even orange justice
Kita HET Love this kid
Also he dont belive in god
by יונה November 7, 2018
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A very fucking extremely dope cool fatass kid
Everyone loves this kid on ramat rfal school

Even he like to dance orange justice
Johhny: *Dancing*
by יונה November 7, 2018
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