When someone reacts to small things in a dramatic way (it can also be associated with depression)
Random guy: *hits accidentaly*
Random guy: "whoa, he's overly sensitive
by cow and gate September 27, 2015
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See also "Dependopotomus." An Overly Sensitive Military Wife (OSMW) are just that: Overly Sensitive Military Wives. Typically, before their marriage to a service member, they have spent months scoping the pool for potential candidates. When she finds one fit for breeding, the OSMW pounces. Once married, she devours the military life. She will tell you how terrible and lonely it is being married to a service member, get a tattoo in his honor, be jobless, and enjoy the daily Hostess fatty cakes while sitting at home on Facebook.
Not to be confused with a Dependopotomus, although remarkably similar and typically concurrent-- they are, in fact, two seperate classifications. The OSMW may have, at some point or another in her marriage, had a job.

An OSMW can make drama over anything. ANYTHING. Go ahead and ask her about her endeavours as a small business owner ranging from Avon Representative, Mary Kay Independent Consultant, Passion Parties, Scentsy, or making of "brag bags."
Did you see that Overly Sensitive Military Wife punch out the 4 year old kid at the commissary for the last box of Twinkies? She moves like a Dependopotomus!
by TwinksNHohos January 10, 2012
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a: Woman married to someone in the military that reports pictures, pages and posts that Soldiers/ Marines/ Airmen/ Seamen(Sailor) put on a social networking site to entertain themselves while deployed.


a : Woman married to someone in the military that is overly passionate about things others write or say and obsesses over proving their point to the point where they look stupid.

b : Woman married to someone in the military associated with copious amounts of drama, signs include talking about a specific person behind their back after they've been trusted, singling out another woman to get "even", and calling whore, slut, ho whenever they get a chance.

c : A product of marrying someone in the military and confuses this with being IN the military

See Verb: OSMW-ing


a: The process of becoming OVERLY passionate about a topic or subject related to the military or a military member, to the point of insane emotional outbursts.
An OSMW - Overly Sensitive Military Wife is someone who:

A) Sits at home and pops out babies while never getting a job. Resulting in = dependopotomousness.

B) Rocks her husbands dog tags... daily.

C) Rocks a Brag Bag ... daily.

D) A Twinkie eater.
by Dependotot February 2, 2012
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