The act of getting up extremely early - sometimes before sunrise (i.e, "dawn") -to go surfing. This term is most often used by Surfers, but it still can be used outside of surfing and refers to getting a very early start to the day.
Bob, Varno, and I are surfing a dawn patrol session at Rincon tomorrow morning.
by Don January 16, 2004
Great Song by thrash metal band Megadeth.
Dude, I fucking love that song Dawn Patrol by Megadeth.
by Aunt Jamima April 13, 2007
Getting up before dawn to surf; generally before school, work or some important activity like getting married or going to a funeral.
Crank: Yo dude why you got that smegma on your elbow?
Wingnut: It's dried salt bro. Dawn Patrol this morning! 6 foot swells!
by Angry Waiter March 6, 2007
WW1 phenomenon in which pilots got up extremely early - usually 3 a.m. - ate a greasy English fried breakfast, then went aloft 1/2 hour before sunrise to look for Huns (Germans) on the ground or in the air. In general, refers to getting a very early start to the day.
Billy Bishop did a dawn patrol looking for Krauts.
by Jake April 17, 2004
surfing at dawn to a hard core surfie its like most ppl going to a coffee shop in the morning
me " bro dawn patrol at the pier, the wedge and salt creek rock my socks
by "BaddAssKiwi" April 15, 2004
to get up early in the morning to get a head start (early members of the air force would do so to survey enemy positions)
I Don't want to go on dawn patrol this time.
by The Return of Light Joker March 27, 2010
Looking for, and crashing, parties going on after last call.
We left the bar after 2am on Saturday night, and after walking a few blocks, successfully did a little dawn patrol.
by CassFranklin May 1, 2010