Totally Awesome, Best Thing Ever, Turns Me On, Makes Me Tremendously Happy, Overly Excited Response To Good News
That Rocks My Socks!
You Totally Rock My Socks!
That Rocks My Fucking Socks Dude!
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
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1. Dude, Lateralus by Tool totally rocked my socks.
2. The new episode of Reno 911! rocked my socks!
by Mick October 23, 2003
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An extremely overused phrase meaning Oh my God that is so totally awesome! This phrase goes along with the trend of being a 'little girl' with hair bows and hello kitty accessories who says cute little things that are so geeky they are adorable. I hope nobody says it anymore or else they need to die!
Haha, oh my God I know Disney movies are so awesome they rocks my socks! Haha I know I'm so geeky, except no I'm not, I don't even like Disney movies but the cool thing is to act like I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm gonna like stuff that isn't cool.
by Angelacia May 27, 2007
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An extremely stupid phrase used by pop star-crazed 13-year-old girls.
by Takiami Fujioko October 12, 2003
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The insinuation that something is chill, or otherwise entertaining or freak worthy.

Used primarily by upperclassmen highschool students and college students who wish they were back in highschool.
When I walked by that hot guy, I thought to myself, "He totally rocks my socks."
by Fibby September 13, 2004
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