To undeniably 'correct' something that has been rendered 'savage' (broken) by the common existence of humanity
P1: "My brother, can you mend me?"
P2: "Alas not, ex-grandmother - it is time for your termination!"
by essenceofexistence March 25, 2018
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having sexy, classy, & irresistible behavior
Jessica is being so Mendes. It's so hot I must have her!
by Miss Knows A Lot February 2, 2010
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(usually happens at work)
"What's up?"
"On the mend."
"Good night last night, eh?"
by Just Lars September 10, 2005
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Minecraft meme in gangster croatian server in 2020 coronavirus quarantine. Also an enchantment in Minecraft that makes your stuff regenerate.
P: Dude, I bought a mending enchantment book.
V: Fuck you, bitch ass cracker.
by feniksxx April 12, 2020
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One super hot piece of ass, that is just as intelligent and cool. Can debate you, or chug with you.
She’s so Mende!
by JayW3 June 22, 2020
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People who are obsessed with Shawn Mendes (like who isn’t)Every time they hear his name try start fangirling
Some random dude:What’s the mendes Army?
The whole mendes Army:Bish What
by MENDES ARMY FOR LIFE December 7, 2017
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