The nice way of saying goddamnit. More commonly used among old people.
Well, gosh darnit... my teeth fell out.
by princesa July 11, 2004
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A phrase that can be used sarcastically to indicate disappointment that one likely does not feel at the moment.
A: Bad news, our trip to space camp has been cancelled.

B: (sarcastically) Gosh darnit, I was looking forward to it too.
by regular October 07, 2006
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A combination of aw shucks and darnit. A phrase to describe a moment when something turns bad. Also can be used as a phrase to describe someone in high spirits.
Well shucky darnit looks like we're out of gas!

That AAA worker was really friendly! She's such a shucky darnit!
by ShucShuckyDarnit May 08, 2018
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PG version of what one might say when one realizes one has been the victim of a hiccup of modern technology. Words usually accompany an overwhelming feeling of frustration - not always at the technology in question, but with oneself for not taking the simple f*@#ing precaution of ctrl c'ing well thought out text lest it be lost to mishap.
Person 1: Gosh Darnit!!
Person 2: What's up?
Person 1: I submitted a definition to "Urban Dictionary" yesterday, but somehow it was lost in the process.
Person 2: So why don't you re-submit?
Person 1: I don't have the text. F*@K!
by brownthomas May 19, 2005
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When you're real upset but you're also in front of older relatives.
"Frick Darnit I just lost Mario Kart to aunt Susan"
"Watch yo potty mouth young man"
by ultimate clocky March 06, 2018
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