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1) To insert fist into vagina.
2) A word used to show disbelief.
3) Being party to misfortune.
1) Damn, you fistfucked that bitch.
2) You've gotta be fistfuckin' me!
3) I got fistfucked in court today.
by Anthony H, April 01, 2003
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to insert a fist into someones pussy or ass
Jim fist fucked his girlfriend in her twat.
by Bob October 05, 2003
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What the politicians try to do too us every day.
This measure is vital to the national interest.............and it will not hurt them (the scum such as you and i) much
by paul March 05, 2005
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Alternative spellings: fistfuck, FF, handball.

To insert your whole fist in a(nother) womans's vagina/a(nother) man's/woman's anus. (This is known as handballing).

Vaginal fisting is - in the author's opinion - INCREDIBLE if done correctly, but handballing is not - and never will be - in their repertoire.
Sasha lay on her back, Kristen on her side. First of all, a finger at a time was placed inside her vagina, then eventually it worked its way up to the whole fist (More like a beak shape than a fist, if truth be told)and started to fist fuck her.
Whilst inside Sasha, Kristen swivelled her fist round and round, causing Sasha to moan in pleasure. Then, Kristen changed her hand into an actual fist shape, alternating between opening and closing it inside Sasha, who was now screaming for more, and swivelling the fist shape inside her.
by selbydate16 December 05, 2006
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