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Possibly the biggest television show of all time. A love it or hate it reality show showcasing fresh undiscovered talent amidst brutal competition. A successfully phenomenal television show bombarding TV ratings, record sales, and phone networks. Its formula has taken it to 22 different countries, defining itself as an enormous achievement ever in television history.
by Kenneth January 17, 2004
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1) friendly
2) awesome
3) l337
4) writes long ass xanga entries
5) spends most time on computer chatting
6) dork (studies alot)
7) eats lots of junk food
8) favorite snack: chocolate anything
9) talkative
10) extreme hyperactiveness
11) sexxxayy in here own ways ;-)
12) conceited person :P
13) impacient sometimes
... bleh more definitions to come, can't think of much right now.. im tired.
by Kenneth March 17, 2005
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a white person hairstyle where they have lots of hair but cant get an afro like black people
That skater kid has a crackafro
by Kenneth December 10, 2004
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"Duc" is a name given to sexy hunks of beef all around the world. Often called "You sexy thing".

This was not written by someone named Duc. Obviously.

This is the true meaning of the word "Duc". Everything else is fake and can go fuck themselves.
by Kenneth March 28, 2005
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A "ball" or "dance" that is formal and most commonly held during the junior and senior years of high school. A popular and anticipated event to the lives of many students, where tradition goes a date is taken, dresses are bought and tuxedoes and limos are usually rented, complete with expensive preparation that include trips to salons, boutiques, hotels, etc. A pre-photo shoot and dinner are common amongst large parties or regular dates. Held usually in a school gymnasium, or if the student government has some money, a hotel, country club, or even a boat. Hip-hop or mainstream music is usually played, complete with dancing or socializing in a decorated or themed setting. A prom king or queen that have been elected days before the prom are crowned. Proms usually end with an after party or dinner.
Student #1: Hey tell me about the prom coming up!
Student #2: Well, my date is Michael, and we're matching with the colors red and white. We're gonna have dinner with my friends at Olive Garden. The prom theme is something tropical. The court nominees are Ashley, Shannon, Michelle, Adrian, Jordan, and Jacob. I'm gonna vote for Ashley and Jake. Afterward, I'm heading to Ashley's party. I'm so excited!
by Kenneth August 3, 2005
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