Slang term for a amature boxing tornument held between co-workers, roommates, shipmates etc. to settle arguments before they can manifest into grouges. As long as name or dogtag is in the fighters tin, any man/woman may call up an challenge another.
"these damn flyboys keep giving me shit someones engine might just break"

"dude just settle it at the dance"
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A retarded move people do when they have strokes and have sex, like holy fuck you guys are gay as shit, this needs to stop, please you homos
Tom: Lets dance!
Timmy: No you gay shit!
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by Gay killers December 12, 2017
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A scurrying about toward a purpose.
One knows the rule and one knows the drill. Anyway, that was one small detail that didn't make it in my dance through all of this.
by Milt Alwin March 08, 2009
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Lots of small movements
" I love this song let's dance."
by Dana October 27, 2003
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- used by adult asian men fron jersey
Non-AsianFromSomewhereOtherThanJersey - "Ok so ill talk to you later man"
Asian Guy From Jersey - "Ok sounds cool, dance"
N.A.G.F.S.O.T.J. "...Wait did he just tell me to dance?"
by Rhinestone Johnny May 12, 2006
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an art done with the body, usually accompanied by music; a hobbie for girls and feminine, gay guys; think they're better than eveyone else
Girl 1 (a dancer): Oh, I do the toughest sport ever, I am truly talented compared to any of you.
Girl 2 (non-dancer, lacrosse player): Wait...don't you dance?
Girl 1: Yep.
Girl 2: that is so not considered a sport.
Girl 1: Well it should be.
Girl 2: Why? It's an art, a hobbie! NOT a sport!
(Girl 1 walks away crying.)
by shoveit29 January 18, 2010
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