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A form of movement based on confidence. Many people believe they are too 'white' to dance, but that is not the case. As long as a guy can look like he knows what he is doing, girls will accept his supposed 'talent' and that he can dance.
(guys talking)
Guy 1:Hey, you look like a fool on the dance floor.
Guy 2:I know. I can't dance, but they don't know that.
(girls talking)
Girl 1:Hey, did you see Guy 2?
Girl 2:Yeah, he's such a good dancer!
Girl 3:I wish he would dance with me.
by Samband April 16, 2006

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short for Skinny Ass White Boy.
Used as a reference for small, thin, tall, and weak-looking people
N. O. Rexic is such a sawb, he looks like he couldn't hold up a sousaphone.
by Samband September 29, 2005

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