1. When someone does something really well.
2. When someone ruins a joke or a moment.
1. Man, Chris Brown KILLED the Chicken Noodle Soup!
2. Someone tells a joke, and one person laughs longer and louder than everybody else, they killed it.
by aishabe November 20, 2006
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Succeed extremely well at a task. Similar to "nailed it."
Wow, did you see that ski jump? She really killed it!
by Vicoletta January 25, 2018
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1. When someone says or does soemthing to destroy the current flow of rich interaction.

2. When someone does something or wears something that is too sensational to describe.
1. Someone tries to do "the macarena" at a hot dance.

2. "Ey yo, you killed it when you stole that nigga's toaster."
by Kakeson April 1, 2005
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tr. v. (figurative) also kill it, killin’ it
used when describing in brief an excellent or beyond satisfactory performance by any individual or team, used commonly to describe sports contests, musical performances, video game tourneys, etc
“yo were you at the guitar hero tournament
“yeah bro, ricky killed it ”
by shapesville January 5, 2012
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When someone takes something too far and just ruins the moment completely. We've all done it before, and there's always some jackass who yells out "KILLED IT" as soon as it happens.
Pete:I thought all the dinosaurs were extinct, but I'm looking right at a Fagodactyl.
Ryan:Yeah, well some homosaurus is staring me down right now.
Ryan:Killed it.
by Weird ry January 4, 2006
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Ray put on a fake ass silver chain with a nice gucci suit... therefore, he killed it.

Patty said something funny then wouldnt shut up about it, she killed it.

: oh and then.... SHUT UP PATTY, YOU KILLED IT :
by 2PyMpz July 15, 2003
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to walk into a room, looking stunning, and get the attention of everyone in the room
Alissa killed it at homecoming when she walked in wearing that red dress!
by lalalaliss29 January 29, 2009
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