version of shut up, shut it, shut your trap. do not confuse with damn it or dammit. think how a dam blocks the water from flowing down the river. hopefully if you tell someone to dam it, they will put a stop to their diarrhoea of the mouth.
parent: clean your room. now!
unruly teenager: no! dam it mum!
parent: dont speak to me in that tone of voice! dam it!
by scratchycat May 30, 2006
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Nerd: How do you factor 3x^7-2(3x-1)^2+...
by Sid Barrett January 13, 2008
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a sheet of latex or plastic used as a barrier between the vagina (or anus) and the mouth during oral sex. Usually used for safer oral sex or more pleasure.
My girlfriend said the dam I used during oral sex tickled her.
by bgib April 26, 2006
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Having a dam, like a river. Not to be confused with "damned to hell"
That river is dammed.
by Trouto December 15, 2015
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Johnny, over come here I so can question you a ask.
by collegesucks2001 December 11, 2003
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Im Dammed to hell forever.
dammed into prison
i have the mark of the dammed
by Jayden Shillingford August 13, 2007
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In the dam means amongst lots of pussy. Because, you know, beavers live there.
I can't wait to go to our spot (populated by mostly lesbians) tonight! Girl's gon' be in the DAM!
by leckerebrot November 24, 2016
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