A thought which often escapes idiots staring at a stranger struggling to walk. "What happened to you?" they say, before launching into the saga of their torn knee ligament, oblivious to the possibility that their prey has been disabled for decades and doesn't wish to answer appallingly inappropriate questions, nor needs your brilliant advice.
Don't ask, she thought. Don't fucking ask.
by Monkey's Dad April 16, 2023
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A phrase often used when you've done something wrong or something that can land you in deep trouble.
Example 1-
Billy: Hey, did you tell your mom about sneaking out and banging Jessica last night?

Bob- Nahh. I live by the Don't ask, Don't tell rule!

Example 2-
Guy 1: What's your dad gonna do once he finds out you totally flunked the test?

Guy 2: Don't ask, Don't tell.
by BobsMyMan July 20, 2010
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A stupid policy that forces the discharge of gays and lesbians from the military.
I guess this means that all men aren't created equal.

Why is the government so friggin' stupid?
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Slang for Homosexualily which the "Don't Ask" can either states "Don't ask if I am Gay, because I am", "Don't ask me to love you", or "Don't ask what I am doing".

The Don't tell can either mean "Don't tell your Gay", "Don't tell you had Sex with the same gender", or "Don't tell that we are dating".
by writter123 April 16, 2010
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Something you can say after expelling some noisome bodily gas, fluid or solid in the presence of others.
“Pee-yoo! Who did that?”
Don't ask don't smell.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq December 25, 2010
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A phrase to define the new policy of not "outing" someone by asking, "Did you just fart?" Not asking someone or a roomful of people, who farted is politically correct. The person who ripped it, dealt it, or pushed it, may have a medical issue the casuses he/she to expell rancid gas at semi-regular intervals. Moreover the guilty party may be very shy and "outing" them might cause mental trauma that would far exceed the mental and physical anguish of "just smelling".
I was at a meeting the other day when Bob let out an SBDF. I thought I was going to die. I was just about to "out" him on it, but then I thought, "What about Bob's feelings?". He's been having a rough time at home and with his Irratable Bowel Syndrome, I thought it prudent to practice "Don't Ask, Just Smell".
by BigBlackBlick December 28, 2011
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