A good game produced by a company called Overkill with the help of Starbreeze. The community is split up into two groups, the greedy rude people, and the good people whom you could have a conversation with. It's a 4 player co-op heist game on Steam, and it is very good. After 2 years of continuously updating it, and 2 more to come if the greedy people don't mess things up for OVERKILL, the game is good and getting better... For now. But the trailers are terrible so don't trust the trailers.
"I dread the day EA buys OVERKILL, because then PAYDAY 2 will be ruined."
by Billy Numerous May 15, 2015
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A game that was good on the release. Got fucked up by 67 DLC's that you need to get every aspect of the game.
But hey.... 1 dlc is a Hotline miami 2 dlc that brings nothing to HM2 but a shitload of stuff into payday 2.
Its aslo called a cashgrab, We see them in games like: Fortnite,Payday 2 etc.
John-Hey Patrick i heard you bought payday 2.
John-Did you buy the 67 DLC's needed to actually play the game ?
by PolishDogge January 21, 2020
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A game made by Overkill studios which is a cash grab similar to Fortnite
Hey ! I head you are playing payday 2!

Ye i am.

Do you have the 68 DLC's that you need to play it ?
by PolishDogge January 17, 2020
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One of the worlds most unlogical games. Alright, so a cop sees a masked guy, full armor, and a giant gun. What do they do? Oh wait the guy backed up behind a bush, we're all good.
Hey, have you heard of Payday 2? go away nerd
by high cholesterol child December 6, 2018
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Archcadia: Didnt you know that my copy of Payday 2 is cursed? It flashes images of people and dead bodies sometimes. Its a cursed copy of Payday 2

Rhymes: What the actual fuck
by RRhymess July 10, 2019
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