someone who won't change they're mind easily. somone who has not reasoning. A person who once they have their mind set on somthing it isn't easily changed without and arguement.
I tried to tell her she was a geek, but she's so hard headed, she wouldn't listen.
by Blondie54 May 29, 2003
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"I'm looking for a hard headed woman. One who will make me do my best." (cat stevens' song Hard-Headed Woman)
by Moonshadow41308 August 26, 2009
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Someone with a hard head.
Ben: OW! My head hurts so much.
Mike: Maybe you're just hard headed
by uarefads May 14, 2021
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when a boy’s member is hard
Ooh. He’s hard headed.’
by agayjew December 31, 2019
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1.Don't listen to what anybody tells you to do

2. Have a really hard head
1.what did I tell you to do "huh"?See you are so hard headed.

2. Dang boy ! You have a hard head
by Mariah's definition's 😜 September 8, 2015
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You see that person unable to except someone else’s facts. Their pretty hard headed
by Jesse Kidd December 23, 2018
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