Dallas is a really cool kid. He acts like such a goober and can always make you smile. He really is a keeper. He gives great hugs.
"That Dallas is a great guy!"
by imreallydepressedbutimfine January 09, 2019
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Not the cutest boy or Mature but when you need him he is always there for you
Aiden can you buy me lunch

Dallas No I’ve spent $300 on you

Eden no life no hairline poor fat
by Nuke whale June 24, 2018
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Dallas is a super hot girl . that always puts people first. she loves to make people smile. she try’s her best to make everyone feel comfortable. she has a very big heart. she offends gets really upset. so hides how she feels to make it seem like she is strong. she cry’s herself at night because she doesn’t think she is good enough. she is a super good friend to have. and a super sweet girl to be around.
we love our friend dallas.
dallas is so sweet.
by allship March 10, 2019
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A television series that ran on CBS from 1978 until 1991. The series focused on the Ewing Oil and the disfunctional Ewing family. The main characters were Jock Ewing, who was the patriarch of the family and the founder of Ewing Oil, his wife Miss Ellie, who was bred on SouthFork Ranch, and their three sons: J.R., Gary, and Bobby. J.R. was the main villian, who had tendencies of greed, deception, and pure evil. He was bred by his father to be an Oil man. His younger brother Gary was more artistically inclined and was favored by Ellie, but on account of his sensitive attributes he was driven away by J.R. and his father. Bobby was the youngest and the "good-guy" who competed with J.R. over Ewing Oil and also took care of the ranch. Other characters include Pamela Barnes-Ewing, Bobby's wife and the daughter of Willard "Digger" Barnes, who was Jock's former partner and friend, and Cliff Barnes, the son who vows revenges against the Ewing family for his father's losses and also contends with J.R. for power. The show has the all-time favorite cliff-hanger: "Who Shot J.R.?"
Dallas was a great show, though Knots Landing was kind of boring. It's too bad Gary didn't stick around on Dallas and kick J.R.'s ass.
by Chris Ewing July 23, 2005
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the definition of queef.

a young male, who talks to much, and is weird. he can be really sweet at times, but others a pain in the ass. he gives awesome hugs, and is fun to be with.

by richcoon November 17, 2008
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