Dai is Great and means powerful.It as simple as that.
Like that Anime show DaiGuard which is Great Guard.
by Paula December 27, 2003
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Teh most sextastic of all. Often seen fallowed by many 'lemmings' or 'bitches'.
by Nex June 26, 2004
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Small welsh penile formation often found attached to the foreheads of lesser brained, slow witted apes, with the best examples sporting a high tuft of well groomed hair above the appendage.
Look at that dai over there, I've never seen one so large it must be over 1 inch!
Check out the quiff on that Dai!
by Rebecca Knows December 10, 2007
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A lover of BoA and hater of Park Ji Yoon; BoA-Fanatic.
You listen to BoA? COOL WE CAN BE DAI's!
by Justin May 10, 2003
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The greatest mantra, to help provide progressive assurance that all is well and hard work eventually pays off in the future.
Jeff: how will we get there?

John: day by day.
by Bmxbiker123 April 17, 2016
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(pronounced day tuh day) adj. regular, not special (used in a derogatory way)
That girl thinks she's all that, but she's just the day-to-day.
by badass yellabone July 30, 2008
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