Usually indicates a desirable woman who is beautiful plus capable or attractive in other ways- independent, strong willed etc.

Usually combined with a secondary inclusion of something considered to be pleasant or necessary to the speaker and often absurd for comic effect.

by mgmitch June 30, 2006
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To popularize a nerdy, undesirable person through social interaction, affection and flirtation.
Bob she's all that'd Sally, next thing you know she was prom queen.
by Deeeeeeebone July 17, 2010
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Reference to a female with one wooly, hairy vagina like the fur on a purebred Husky.
My girl doesn’t shave her beaver. She all husky down there.

I hooked up with a hot lipstick lez last night and we went back to my place for a hot scissor. She rubbed my cooch raw cause she all husky.
by Eaton Holgoode January 16, 2019
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a. What girls say when they themselves feel that the person is all that.

b. What is said about someone who looks good and feels good about themselves.
by Tiffany B September 15, 2004
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adj. Complete, finished, over with. Not sure about the origin. Somebody fill that in for me.
Ben and J.Lo were going to live happily ever after, and then the media started calling them Bennifer and that was all she wrote.
by fizzle April 10, 2004
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