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Dai is Great and means powerful.It as simple as that.
Like that Anime show DaiGuard which is Great Guard.
by Paula December 26, 2003

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a wild and crazy experience that you cannot remember hours or days later
that was such a dooner night
by paula April 25, 2004

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homebread coming from the word hommie is a chilled out buddy,home flake etc.etc
by paula October 20, 2003

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It's what you call a person from your home location when you meet up with them in a foreign land or somewhere strange.
No way you're from where?! What's up, homebrotchen?!
by Paula March 31, 2003

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Anime, It is a japanese word.The Meaning Youko is Demon.Youko is sometimes known as a fox demon.
Youko Fox = Demon Fox
by Paula December 26, 2003

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A rhyming way to say "no way, never, not in this life!" It's an Anglo-German combo phrase which would exactly translate to something like "No, not the Train Station, man!"
What... you want me to pick up the bar tab? Nixneinthebaunhofman!
by Paula March 31, 2003

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Flaming bitch; one who is miserable, unhappy and makes sure everyone else knows about it; bitchiness in it's extreme form
Did the Flambe' at the counter give you a hard time?
by Paula July 21, 2004

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