When you find the right man, you'll find yourself calling him "my lord"
Lord, my Lord, where you lead I'll follw.
by Artemis1a May 11, 2020
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An exclamation used by Mediterranean ship captains in Medieval II Total War when you give them an order that cannot be followed.
"Yes my lord?"

Proceeds to click on land whilst the ship is selected

"But my lord, this is impossible!"
by Flaminghorse July 30, 2018
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oh my lord
oh my lord
by 12359 December 7, 2021
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You have a purpose on this earth. God looked at the earth and said that it needed you! You matter and Jesus loves you! Life with God is so much better. We all go through hard times but trust in the Lord for he will give you something better!
Friend: Do you know God?
Friend 2: Yeah God my lord and savior?
Friend: Yes!
Friend 2: I do know Him!
Friend: Ay me too!
Friend 3: No way me too!
by iloveGod58 June 25, 2021
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say this when ur feeling crazy, like in a crazy hyper mood
Rapphie:were going to mckiver river
Me:Oh my lord allah!
by youssef February 17, 2006
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"That's what she said" but in old english wording. Usualy used for extra humor during a "That's what she said" moment.
"The screw won't go in staight". "That, my lord is what she bespoke".
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