dai is a guy that likes to suck dick, and says the name lanny, is a girls name, which is not. and get he gets turns on my sexy abs from guys, then he jerks off..!
dai says: i love you(to a guy)
let me suck your dick, i want some o that come! yummy asshole!!
by trysejh January 30, 2005
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A lover of BoA and hater of Park Ji Yoon; BoA-Fanatic.
You listen to BoA? COOL WE CAN BE DAI's!
by Justin May 09, 2003
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after u insult someones mother u say DAI! or KLEINDEUTSCH!
DUDE: thats a shitload of mayo on that sandwich
ME: almost as much as i shot down ur moms throat last night DAI!
by Bo Jangles March 17, 2003
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A cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain whose value is pegged to $1/Dai
Person 1 You owe me $200.
Person 2 Cool, I'll send you 200 Dai
by whattheclap December 01, 2020
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