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An enormous sandwich utilizing most of the contents of the fridge.
I'm so hungry I could eat a sandwich of Dagwood proportions.
by English nut April 29, 2005
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The contents of several sandwiches between just two slices of bread (for example: marmite, ham, chutney, tomato, cheese, mayo, cucumber, and marmalade) creating a combination of contrasting textures and tastes.
That's no sandwich; that's a dagwood!
by actif1 April 28, 2015
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slovenly; ill prepared; lackadaisical.
A "dagwood like" person would show little or no attention to details nor does he/she clean up after themselves.

Coined from character of the popular syndicated comic "Blondie" who would always come home throw his clothes around and was never prepared.
You're always running around here like <Dagwood>. Nothing organized and everything is a mess. Its no wonder you can’t find anything! Come on... get it together.

Don’t pull that <dagwood> shit! You better throw those clothes in the hamper before you leave up out of here!
by westsan November 05, 2006
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You are doing a chick in the ass and a you pull out unexpectingly. You than proceed to shove your fist in her ass and yell "DAGWOOD".
Girl: Moan
Guy: DAGWOOD!!!!
Girl: Holly SHIT!
by MCMANCOUCH December 14, 2009
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n. - result of a homoerotic act where one partner ejaculates on the other's face and hair, causing the hair to hair to stick up and back much in the profile of Dagwood Bumstead of the popular syndicated comic "Blondie."
After having Mervin over for the night, Rich called in sick to work, afraid his Dagwood would expose his sexuality.
by Tom Zappacosta September 27, 2003
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