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1.) A bunch of bullshit; unsupported bullshit; a notion stated a fact.
Aww, thats haberdash if he says he can jump across that huge river in one bound.
by westsan June 6, 2006
A rhythmic knee and chest slapping motion; A dance where you make your own music by slapping your "hambone" (outer thigh) {*1} then your chest {*2} and your inner thigh (or top thigh) {*3} on the way back down to make a 3 beat rhythm.
This rhythm was popular amongs Afro-Americans during the slave times and following. It was a common popular dance/music making method. At times it accompanied instruments or dance (such as scat) such as the fiddle or whatever could be attained during the hard times of poverty {Currently nearly non-existing and a lost art of African-American culture}
That ol' boy can slap the hambone som'n funky!!
They was up in the barbershop singin' and doin' the hambone.
by westsan October 2, 2006
To the curb

1. to dump someone; to leave behind

2. to put someone to work <for you> (originally like a pimp to put his ho on the street to work for him as a prostitute).

Colloquially is often used with the verb "kick" as to "kick <somebody> to the curb".
1. If he does that shit again I'm gonna put his ass to the curb and leave his ass out there.

2. She don't clean house AND makes you pay for everything!? You need to kick that skank to the curb and tell her to earn her keep.
by westsan February 8, 2009
1. People who just come to look.
2. People who go out of their way to look at people or something often causing crowds and more disruption.
3. People who enjoy staring at watching other peoples misfortune. Oftentimes car onlookers to car accidents.
Same as Looky Lou; often spelled as Looky-loo (hyphen) or lookylou
In L.A. usually the lookyloo's cause more accidents by not paying full attention to what is ahead of them.
by westsan December 12, 2008
slovenly; ill prepared; lackadaisical.
A "dagwood like" person would show little or no attention to details nor does he/she clean up after themselves.

Coined from character of the popular syndicated comic "Blondie" who would always come home throw his clothes around and was never prepared.
You're always running around here like <Dagwood>. Nothing organized and everything is a mess. Its no wonder you can’t find anything! Come on... get it together.

Don’t pull that <dagwood> shit! You better throw those clothes in the hamper before you leave up out of here!
by westsan November 5, 2006
A Japanese girl (or even a guy) that uses native English speakers for free English Lessons.
Eigo Bandits have no interest in their conversation partner treating them as pets to show off and make pay for dates & coffee that they invite themselves to.
Eigo Bandits only want to speak in English because they do not care for you to learn Japanese.
At the international party there were tons of eigo bandits. They kept coming to talk with me but none wanted to be friends.
by westsan December 12, 2008
1) to lead the charge.

2) to take the lead on a campaign, program or project.

3) sometimes used when requesting back-up

etymology: the "point man" is generally the person in charge. The "point guard" in basketball is the player that runs the teams offense. His main objective is to score points.
A) I'm running point on this so I need you to guard for me.
B) This is a difficult project. Who do you have that can run point on this?
by westsan September 24, 2011