Dabbing (1) - Vaporizing concentrated marijuana, usually in the form of wax or hash, by placing it on an extremely hot metal object called a nail and inhaling the vapors produced. The nail is usually heated via blowtorch. Inhaling this harsh and concentrated form of marijuana often causes one to cry and wipe one's tears away while coughing and passing a bong.

Dabbing (2) - Performing the dance move characterized by raising an elbow and tucking one's head toward that elbow while raising and extending the opposite arm behind. This dance move is often seen while dabbing (1) since the dabber immediately coughs into his inner arm and wipes his or her tears away while passing a bong. See attached .gif image.
(1) She is super stoned from dabbing.
(2) He is dabbing because he is super stoned.
by Pap¡ September 21, 2016
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Evidence that humanity can evolve backwards
Oh god...

Its happening.

They're dabbing.
by CXN November 28, 2016
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An internet trend where you sniff your armpit and think it's cool.
by Andbskzhsb November 17, 2016
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A new dace that's all the rage now a days. Made famous by some guy named Cam Newton. I think he's a golfer who won the Superbowl with the 1996 Bulls along side Michael Jackson. It looks like you are sneezing but you stick your other arm to the side like a sideways Nazi salute. This is referred to as Dabbing. The kids love to do it.
Andrew: Bless you
Billy Bob: Oh no man I wasn't sneezing, I was just dabbing cuz I got fifty tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese and can win a lame prize.
by Wstching the world burn January 26, 2016
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Sticking your face into your elbow while holding out a straight arm. This motion is supposed to "assert your bitch ass swag over everyone else."
"I dabbed on them folks down in the hood." Dabbing is the new popular movement, often done after rubbing hands together like making an evil plot.
by popularshit January 5, 2016
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To press a piece of cannabis extract known as Butane Hash Oil against a heated surface of an oil rig pipe and inhale the smoke. These extracts have up to 90% THC levels. It is the newest growing trend for cannabis connoisseurs and Colorado currently has the largest following to date.
Hey man, I got some dabs. Can I borrow your torch?
He's dabbing some BHO.
by SlabsofDabs July 11, 2013
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It's somthing stupid people do when they wanna act cool or you can refer to is as sneezing.
"DAMN SON What about that DAB"
"Shut up its just dabbing"
by Vitios March 2, 2016
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