The latest trend for hippies, hell bent on wasting their lives. It apparently gets you higher than just smoking weed, because just smoking weed apparently doesn't waste your life quickly enough.
That hippie spends so much time dabbing that he has no time to bathe or contribute to society.
by HippieH8er March 22, 2016
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A common form of showing how much you hate puppies and Christmas
Everyone hated Christy for dabbing
by Qlysa November 15, 2016
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A motion where a person will bow their head and touch their forehead to the inside of one elbow, while sweeping their other arm to keep it parallel with the forehead-elbow arm. Commonly used as a celebration by athletes during sporting events
Wow, even Lebron has started dabbing after scoring!
by emboda January 26, 2016
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by ORDEREDRO December 10, 2016
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A ritual that is more powerful than any super hero or villain, containing only your upper body, and sometimes your lower body for more power.
Dabbing is great for you.
by Bunbun05 November 13, 2016
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Some form of socialism invested inside our children
mark, is my son autistic?
bill, I dont think so he may just be trying to do some salute or something?
mark, please help I think hes gonna kill me
child, screams hail Newton
bill, what the living hell
mark, hes gonna kill me hes got a knife

bill, -dabs-
Child, -kills mark and starts the black sacrament to summon Newton with the blood of his foes-
(newton appears out of nowhere and starts to establish Communism)

Children don't dab its just a trick the government made to make you vote for communist liberals like Justin Trudeau
Holy shit were all gonna die those children are dabbing
by mInEcReFt May 11, 2018
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