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The smoothest and softest of hands that result in the happiest of endings.

See happy ending.
Mary Jane's hands are so ridiculously soft I jizzed my pants. They were like happy ending hands...
by Pap¡ July 13, 2016
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About 10 minutes and 40 seconds into the "Vietnam" episode of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" TV show, the travel guide refers to the porcupine as a squeezle.
Anthony Bourdain: Okay. So...uh, Linh, what's for lunch?
Travel Guide Linh: For lunch we have some hazard animal. Let's get in and check out.
Anthony Bourdain: Okay. What kind of animal could we be talking about?
Travel Guide Linh: Uh, I guess it's a...squeezle...
by Pap¡ October 4, 2016
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- easily agitated
- explosive
- anal
- salty
- toxic
- unpleasant
Damn... why are you so gassy today?
by Pap¡ January 17, 2017
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1. flushing of the skin or redness in the cheeks caused by acetaldehyde buildup after drinking alcohol.


some background:
Acetaldehyde is a toxin produced from alcohol metabolism that causes flushing and many hangover symptoms. Some people take longer to break down acetaldehyde and experience symptoms for longer periods.

-AT bayBEE
Non-tomato: Hey, you look as red as a tomato! Got that Asian glow?
Tomato: Yeeep, got that Asian illumination! ;)
by Pap¡ May 6, 2016
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"Hombre" is "man" in Spanish.
"Breh" is a bastardization of the word "brother."
An hombreh is a man who you also consider to be one of your bros.
Man 1: Sup foo.

Man 2: What up hombreh?
by Pap¡ September 28, 2017
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(Not literally) a confused person even though this person probably should be as cognizant a famous Chinese philosopher
Whoa whoa slow down I'm Confucius
by Pap¡ October 21, 2016
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Dabbing (1) - Vaporizing concentrated marijuana, usually in the form of wax or hash, by placing it on an extremely hot metal object called a nail and inhaling the vapors produced. The nail is usually heated via blowtorch. Inhaling this harsh and concentrated form of marijuana often causes one to cry and wipe one's tears away while coughing and passing a bong.

Dabbing (2) - Performing the dance move characterized by raising an elbow and tucking one's head toward that elbow while raising and extending the opposite arm behind. This dance move is often seen while dabbing (1) since the dabber immediately coughs into his inner arm and wipes his or her tears away while passing a bong. See attached .gif image.
(1) She is super stoned from dabbing.
(2) He is dabbing because he is super stoned.
by Pap¡ September 21, 2016
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