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A coffee shop or strip club where where girls take off their panties and show their "monkey."
Oh you just went to see the monkey show?
How was the monkey show?
by Pap¡ September 24, 2020
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About 10 minutes and 40 seconds into the "Vietnam" episode of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" TV show, the travel guide refers to the porcupine as a squeezle.
Anthony Bourdain: Okay. So...uh, Linh, what's for lunch?
Travel Guide Linh: For lunch we have some hazard animal. Let's get in and check out.
Anthony Bourdain: Okay. What kind of animal could we be talking about?
Travel Guide Linh: Uh, I guess it's a...squeezle...
by Pap¡ October 4, 2016
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A reservation consistently placed at the same time and day each week, such as that for a favorite restaurant.
He has a standing reservation there and brings in a new girl to treat out each week.
by Pap¡ February 14, 2017
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A slab dab is the inhalation of the vapors produced when someone vaporizes a slab (large amount of concentrated marijuana THC in the form of wax, hash, or etc., pressed into a flat sheet).

This is usually done by placing the slab onto an extremely hot piece of metal that has been heated by a blow torch.
Want to take a slab dab?
by Pap¡ October 18, 2016
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An expression said by those who appreciate rice and related subjects so much that it has become a huge part of their life.
*picks rice instead of other carbs*
*is attracted to someone who obviously eats a lot of rice*
*eats rice more than twice a week*
*sells rice for a living*
*mods car for no technical reasons*
*loves rice krispies*
*has rice in pocket*
Rice is life!
by Pap¡ September 8, 2016
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= Take the chance of sacrificing your current possessions in order to win much more... the sexy biscuit.

Biscuit just rhymes with risk it. Plus biscuits are sexy. Butter yo biscuit!

In the case of (probably) the first time this phrase was ever used, the "biscuit" was the opportunity to maximize your earnings and then earn even more. The risk was the possibility of losing your acquired earnings when you could have kept them if you weren't so greedy!


First used at least 3 years from today during a round of the dice game "10,000" at Jamezy's, to encourage those with only 1 die left to take the chance and roll because if they hit a "1" or "5" they would get to roll all 6 dice again whilst retaining the points acquired during their first turn.

In this game you have 6 dice and take turns in a clockwise rotation rolling the dice to accumulate 10,000 points to win the game.

Each turn when you roll something worth points (ex. "1" = 100 points and "5" = 50 points) you get to roll the remaining dice again or keep the points you have acquired during your turn.

If you earn points with all 6 dice, you get to roll all 6 again (biscuit).
J: I think I'm gonna stop and keep the 500 points.
A: Naw man, risk it for the biscuit! The sexiest of biscuits!

by Pap¡ October 20, 2016
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The smoothest and softest of hands that result in the happiest of endings.

See happy ending.
Mary Jane's hands are so ridiculously soft I jizzed my pants. They were like happy ending hands...
by Pap¡ July 13, 2016
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