said after someone sneezes because it is believed the sneeze is when their soul leaves their body
Lee "Ahhhchooo"
Briony "Bless you"
Lee "Thank you, now the devil can't possess my body."
by Origin Guru August 10, 2009
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When you sneeze your sole is trying to escape your body by saying "bless you" your sole gets shoved back in to your body where it remains for all eternity, if some one dosent say bless you, your f**ked
Cameron:bless you
Bob:thanks for shoving my sole back in my body!
Cameron:ummm ok (I need new friends)
Bob:hahaha I don’t have a life
by 0-David-0 June 18, 2018
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A phrase said to someone who had spoken inapproporiate words, such as f**k.
A: Go f**k your mom
B: Bless you!
by MagJNeto November 26, 2011
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The phrase with which people respond to your sneezing, either to show that they're religious or that they've no idea what it actually means.
You: Achoo
She: Bless you
You: Thanks for taking the opportunity and letting me know that you're religious.
by fierbutterspark July 19, 2017
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An old wives tale belief that sneezing casts out demons, thus the appropriate response of "bless you".
Ralph sneezed rather loudly and the whole room responded, "bless you".
by ROWLV May 23, 2016
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meaning he/she wants to send you a thirst trap
I wanna bless you
by acetheyoung October 11, 2019
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When someone says something so crazy it basically sounds like they are sneezing, so your only response is bless you?
Haley: “Yo that dude is so hot I’d let him fuck me with a tooth brush while a handstand
Me: “Bless you?”
by Heheomgweed October 10, 2019
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