An act of moving your head into your arm while sticking the other one out. A very retarded act. Makes viewers lose IQ
Lucas stop dabbing, I'm losing IQ
by dankememes17 October 10, 2018
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A dance move that shouldn't even exist anymore. It is commonly used by normies, Jake Paulers, and white people in general
Bobby- "Holy FUCK!"
Johnny- "What?"
Bobby- "I just saw a middle-aged man dabbing!"

by Mark Domina October 16, 2017
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"Hey wanna go dab later? I got strawberry juice"

"Yeah man I love dabbing!"
by Larrycoolioman February 3, 2017
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to put your right arm bent in front of your face and your left arm out in the other direction this position is used for dancing
did you hear about Hillary Clinton dabbing on TV
by DankBoi2000 January 6, 2017
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When you move your arm into your face and the other arm goes away from your face. You simply take your arm and move it towards your face. As you move it hit your face or nose in the middle of your arm. Also move your other arm away from it in a straight line. It takes a while to get use to it. Here a link of how to do it
Just look up YouTube of how to do it

Hope you learned something
Have you heard of a move called dabbing
Ya i wish i could to it
by HowToDanceMoves March 10, 2016
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To dab (dabbing is a dance move where your head goes in the inside of the inside of your elbow and your other arm goes out straight.
Boy *singing* : show you how i lean then dab nice shoes car clean cause its sunny outside
Girl: Damn I love your dabbing.
by babyperro March 18, 2016
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