A type of dance (move) when one crosses one arm diagonally across their chest and the other arm is straight and diagonally extended outwards from their body. This move is quite popular with dancers, football players, and teenagers.
Song: "Wake up in the mornin' and I dab.."

Person 1: "Hit that dab.. Ayyy lmao!"
Person 2: "He always dabbing!"
by xMissMeow January 25, 2016
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Dead as a dodo in acid, and more cringe than doing a Fortnite dance at the prom.
Mom: Do a dab for the photo!
Mom: Fine, then do a photo of me dabbing!
by BigPokemon November 5, 2020
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To give a sharp nod to your raised four arm. Dancing with sharp nods repeated. Dab on those fools. To acknowledge, agree upon stunt on.
Once I get inside the club imma just be dabbing in on them fool.
by Honey301 November 23, 2015
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Something extremely overdone that is annoying to no end.
Idiot 1: Hey bro, look at my beastly dabbing!
*Idiot 1 does the dab*

Idiot 2: Oh lololol that looks so dabbish check out mine
*Idiot 2 messes up and slams his elbow into the wall*

Idiot 2: Oh shi--

Idiot 1: Slick...
by wat-y? April 2, 2016
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Dabbing is a disease that is often terminal, children ages 7-13 are the most likely to become infected with dabbing. Dabbing kills around 92% of everyone who has the illness, Dabbing has been found to be infectious through airborne means. Dabbing is genetically similar to Yellow Fever.
Jimmy Smith caught Dabbing and died of it last week.
by Bernie Sanders Twitter Account November 26, 2018
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An American dance used by South African politicians that do not want to look the voters they stole from directly in their eyes.
" Dabbing" had brought vibrancy and "razzmatazz" to the campaign"
"Lets Dabb to the poles"
Q - "Do you think they know you were lying? " A ~ "NO I Dabbed to the poles"
by bazilthebulldog July 30, 2016
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Public method by which one checks the strength of his or her underarm deodorant.
It was so hot yesterday, I started dabbing on the subway to see if my Old Spice was still working.
by BigBadMrReality May 30, 2016
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