To receive a "D" as a grade. As receiving an "A" is referred to as an ace, a "D" is referred to as a dace.
Paul: "Carl, did you fuck up that chemistry test?"
Carl: "Well...not totally. I think I daced it."
by stockman09 January 5, 2008
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a dace is something you don't want to be called...

a dace is someone who makes you /facepalm
if someone is being annoying, dumb, mean, selfish, or any negative adjective, they are a dace.

may or may not originate from the japanese word "desu", meaning "is". although this would neither make sense considering its sound or meaning, please consider that the originator of this term was, in fact, a dace.
dude #1: dude the new soulja boy album rocks
dude #2: you, my friend, are a dace

bro #1: i only listen to indie music, i'm an interesting person
bro #2: you.... are the dace of spades.

person #1: dude YOU'RE SO GAY
person #2: and you're a dace
by SquizzySquash January 20, 2010
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Synonym for face. Said through a bloody nose, dace is the word you use after being punched in it. It can alternately be used to kick a man while he's down by making fun of his injured status.
Please, stop hitting me in the ducking dace.
by Detective February 5, 2008
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To be screwed or killed in a fashion that really sucks. Comes from the austrailian word daceton meaning screwed
MAN I DACED YOU, or dude you got daced
by Bob Dog November 2, 2004
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A dace is a loving and caring person. She always is trying to like people but she doesn't know that they already likes her. Sometimes shes a little bit crazy, mean and maybe rude but every person isn't perfect!
You will be happy to meet Dace!😊
by Someone who knows Dace December 25, 2016
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Damn. Awesome. Crazy. Exciting. Basically it something you say when something good or crazy or overwhelming happens.
That shit was Dace.
All right Imma throw a Dace status night tomorrow!
Damn thats dace. Stright up dace.
by Ricque February 18, 2008
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