An acronym used in the Hand Banana episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It stands for "Do Not into my pool, Assman."
Meatwad: What's a DNA?
Carl: It stands for "Do Not into my pool, Assman."
by FenderHnK August 20, 2008
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1. The molecule being painstakingly sequenced during the Human Genome Project. This molecule contains all the instructions necessary to program an entire human being, starting from a single cell.

2. The abbreviation for "deoxyribonucleic acid," or "deoxyribose nucleic acid", the deabbreviations of which are misspelt by pretty much anyone who isn't a scientist, a science teacher, or a nerdy student obsessed with science (I'm in the latter category).

3. "Data Not Available" - This is used to duck questions in a "funny" way, especially by the people who don't pay attention in class, but want to sound smart(er than they really are?).
Science Teacher: What is DNA?

Student: ...
Student: Data Not Available.
Science Teacher: You have to pay attention in class, then.
Later that day...
Mother: How do you spell the de-abbreviation of "DNA"?
Student: dioxiribonuicliec acid
Mother: And you are thinking of majoring in molecular biology in college?
Student: What's with the frequent mentioning of the word "DNA" all of a sudden?
by QPNC-PAGE April 24, 2010
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A beloved patriarch, known to much of the world as Douglass Noel Adams.
As the great DNA quoth: "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."
by Stridey October 04, 2003
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DNA was a great no wave band that is partially responsible, along with various forms of punk (proto, post, etc.), for the recent emergence from new york of groups like liars, radio 4 and the rapture. they respresented a wilfully awkward, energetic, form of punk rock that left an empty field of potential where modern conventional, scruffy boy, third rate rock and roll (green day, strokes, etc) should attempt to inhabit. DNA invented an entirely new type of rock music based around rhythms and manipulations, the four DNA tracks on the brian eno produced compilation β€œno new york” had so many differing ideas about tone, rhythm and sound yet still provided an air of accessibility. this was freeform that still remembered that it had an audience, and therefore sought out maximum impact. DNA's only studio release (a taste of DNA ep) was in 1980. clocking in at 6 tracks and barely 10 minutes, DNA did to rock music what free jazz had done to the jazz world. they signaled in a new year zero, with such a powerful sound, that was so far removed from what anyone else was doing, that to last longer than ten minutes would have been unnecessary; and damn nearly impossible. for all of their clashing tones, atonal squawking and sound manipulations, however, DNA were not expressing any real nihilism. whereas teenage jesus and the jerks had used noise as a sublimation of the ego and the self, and sought to destroy through noise, DNA were using noise as a form of childlike freedom. no less aggressive and direct, just a different approach. no wave used instruments not as instruments, but as tools and conduits for emotional release and expression.
DNA last live at cgbgs!
by tomas January 19, 2004
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DeoxyriboNeucleic Acid, made up of chromosomes (see definition of chromosomes, genes)
"We've isolated the DNA from the solution. What do you want us to do next, sir?"

"Did you know that human DNA is over 90% similar with silkworm DNA?"
by isquil jackson April 06, 2003
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