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Started with the mega man series, on the NES console, proto man was mega man's older brother. Nowadays old school mega man players who liked proto sticked to the name and use it in multiple games/chat/forums. One must not disrespect one named proto or one will be pwnt and good gamed.
- OMG I played this uber pimpster last night on wc3 and like he owned me so hard I cried myself to sleep, he went by the AKA of PROTO!

- YO PROTO, MAH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Proto owns me in every game we play, I enjoy getting owned by proto.

- Getting pwnt by proto is a daily experience for me.
by Phil "proto" July 06, 2005
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Proto is a paintball manufacturer that is part of Dye paintball. Proto makes high proformance markers (paintball guns) and a wealth of other products including goggles, pants, jerseys, pods, paintballs, and even their own line of Proto brand clothing and luggage. Proto is known for it's high end, and also high priced products that are very comparable to Dye's products. Their most know products are the line of Proto Matrix markers. The Proto Matrix is comparable to the Dye DM5, DM6, and DMC. Proto is known mostly for reliability and the price that comes with its quality products.
The Proto Marker Mtx06 is Proto's brand new 2006 Matrix.
by Nick 1226 August 12, 2006
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Profile picture on a social networking site. Derived from 'profile' and 'photo'.
"Hey Susan.... Nice proto"
"Thanks, it's my 19th proto this week... Some say I'm self adsorbed but I don't think so"
by fatsammyd June 22, 2010
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short for "prostitute toes," pro toes is a description of a girl's feet that are tattooed; closely related to the tramp stamp
Dude, she IS totally hot, but she has pro toes.
by sesb May 28, 2008
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A word used to describe a person, usually a college kid, who are newly exposed to the world around them and constantly in awe of their experience. For many, this is a state of being prior to froyo.
"I once left 15 messages trying to get a hookup to call me back. Those are my proto years in college."
by francock June 13, 2016
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Prefix meaning before. Usually in refrence to a previous or outdated version.
Take a look at my proto-type.
What is the Proto-Germanic root for cat?
by nibbit October 10, 2010
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"mother says my brother jonny is such a proto, although I dont know what that means.."
by Adrenaline September 03, 2003
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