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Armys: My wigs is gonna be snatched and Im gonna die when I see the mv of dna
by forever_an_army September 17, 2017
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To leave your mark on an area or thing by either tagging, spitting, pissing etc.
hey yo let's DNA dat steezy wall near the dockyard.
by vacuuum6 December 12, 2010
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(n)Semen. As in semen carries your DNA on it, so when you come, you are distributing your DNA all over the place.
Damn, bro i unloaded my DNA all over her face!
by robbrulz November 07, 2006
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DnA stands for depression and anxiety. The two are commonly found together.
“Hey, how’s Richard doing lately with his parents divorce?”

“Oh, you know. Bad case of the DnA.”
by sodium-chloride July 13, 2020
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Drugs and alcohol
-or as gangstas would say it Drugz N' Alkohol

The phrase to define doing drugs and alcohol at the same time.
Pimp: you wanna do DNA
Gangsta: yea son
by Rafal Aka Alkohol October 08, 2005
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