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He is a wonderful and heroic demigod. He is a goofball, but still great. Son of Poseidon. He is very loyal and will die for the people he loves. He has a girlfriend named Annabeth. He is sometimes called Seaweed Brain.
Percy: "Don't I get a kiss for good luck? It is kind of a tradition, right?"

Annabeth: "Come back alive, Seaweed Brain. Then we'll see."
by -Rose- June 13, 2016
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A well respected gentleman, whom all the ladies love and the fellas despise, because he's so fresh and so cool. Stands tall in the community. No one can say anything bad about him, because he's just that good.
He's such a Percy, one day, I'm going to be just like him!
by Joseph_suave December 20, 2016
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Genital warts. Fine if you are a male, because you can see them, but a female with percy is very dangerous because her warts are hidden up in her wee wee
First man: I hear that girl has a very bad case of percy, and she gave warts to her new boyfriend. Now he has them all over his penis, and his tongue.
Second man: oh shit, it couldn't have been that good to risk that.
First man: Dude, he couldn't see them. They were up inside her stink.
by shagnasty September 18, 2007
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Percy is the street name for a very bad case of HPV virus, otherwise known as genital warts. Percy looks like skin tags, or raised moles, but are on the genital area, or the anus. Some descriptions are that they look like small califlower clusters, except they are not white. If you want to see a picture of them, go to Yahoo images, and put in the keyword genital warts.
Nick caught percy from his slutty girlfriend. Then he boinked her again trying to give them back to her, and she gave him a double dose.
by warts April 10, 2008
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Drug dealers term describing their 'personal' weed that they don't want to sell to you.
'This is my percy - sorry mate.'
by Milo Johnson December 13, 2002
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