He is a wonderful and heroic demigod. He is a goofball, but still great. Son of Poseidon. He is very loyal and will die for the people he loves. He has a girlfriend named Annabeth. He is sometimes called Seaweed Brain.
Percy: "Don't I get a kiss for good luck? It is kind of a tradition, right?"

Annabeth: "Come back alive, Seaweed Brain. Then we'll see."
by -Rose- June 13, 2016
A personal spilff. The term 'percy' derived from the word 'personal'.
Sam: let's have a Percy each.
Ieuan: it finna be lit.
by Mental Father July 1, 2019
A well respected gentleman, whom all the ladies love and the fellas despise, because he's so fresh and so cool. Stands tall in the community. No one can say anything bad about him, because he's just that good.
He's such a Percy, one day, I'm going to be just like him!
by Joseph_suave December 20, 2016
A sweet and caring guy.Percys are loyal to his friends and family. Their athletic, but nerdy. They loves the ocean and the beach. They are outdoorsy and loves a good adventure.They’re a great leader and can be serious when needed. They love telling jokes and is VERY sassy.They are probably in a bromance with one of his friends.Percys can be scary if you hurt one of his friends. If you meet a Percy, never let this man go.
Annabeth (or Jason): Percy is so hot!
Nico: yeah, but he’s not my type.

Annabeth (or Jason): Then what is your type?
Nico: Will
You should name your child Percy, It's clearly the dominant name.
by IzzyTheNonAddictedFnafFan August 3, 2018
Percy an under appreciated and highly intelligent man. He seems boring to hang out with at first, but once you get to know him, you’ll always want to be around him. He sometimes has a hard time showing his feelings, but being patient with him helps him open up. He’s very beautiful and ambitious, and sometimes sassy, but that’s just another reason to love him. He learns quickly and is just very smart and amazing in every way.
Man 1: why do you hang out with Percy? He’s boring and stuck up!
Man 2: you don’t know him like I do.
by Totallynotkiki2005 March 10, 2019
'Percy' is short form for personal, but has been injected into the definition of 'legit, good shit and unreal' (usually pertaining to drugs).
This is because drug dealers keep the best stuff for themselves, a drug dealer's 'percy' weed is the best weed they have. Really baked stoners deciced to confuse everyone by calling good weed percy, cause they are fucked.
"That fat hoe has massive rolls but shes got a fine, percy ghetto booty"

"I have the most percy chronic in all of the greater North America area"
by theyoungbiz June 11, 2009